Ait Ouaouzguite Berber Art.


Antique and high quality, Ait Ouaouzguite Berber rug,Ait Atman tribes ).
Material: Wool, natural colors.
Dimensions: 265 x 142 cm.
Circa: 1920s.

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  1.    The Anti-Atlas carpets is the  prerogative of the women of the confederation of Ait  OuaouzguiTe   tribes, located between the high and Anti-Atlas. This model is distinguished by high quality wool, and natural colors from area plants, including henna, aschfood, madder and indigo, as well as a floral decorative repertoire, geometric or figurative, inspired by the environment and the daily life of the rural women.
    The chain of the carpet of the Anti-Atlas is characterized by a great fineness. Moreover, its solidity is due to the use of a type of wool with very long fibers. It is dyed in severall colors on parallel and successive zones while keeping the overall color of the carpets.


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